• Are you looking for practical consultancy support at an affordable price? 
  • Would you like an additional member of your team who understands the challenges faced by small not for profit organisations? 
  • Would you like an extra pair of hands just when you need it and not just another consultant?

We understand the financial constraints of many community groups, and when you need specialist help from people who understand the VCSE sector, DCA's advisers can help you:

  • MAKE BETTER USE OF LIMITED RESOURCES, and reduce the number of failed funding bids, by having our experienced advisers help you identify where your gaps are;

  • AVOID COSTLY MISTAKES such as setting up a legal structure that will not allow to access charitable funding;

  • ACCESS OUR SUPPORT in the time you want, when you need it, through our flexible menu driven approach. 

  • ACCESS GROUNDED, PRACTICAL SUPPORT, that is better value than solicitors or other consultants, providing practical support at a competitive price;

  • PROVIDE AN EMERGENCY BACK UP if you need urgent support.

Our services include:

  • bid checking (where we look over grant applications and give suggestions for improvement);

  • assisting with registering as a charity or social enterprise with the Charity Commission and/or Companies House;

  • support for running consultation processes and feasibility studies;

  • reviewing constitutions and policies/procedures; etc.;

  • community building management & asset transfers;

  • assisting with parish planning & community profiling.

If you would like our support please click on the blue 'See an advisor' button. Our current service price list is here.  Also please read our Customer Service standards document for your information. 

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