DCA GreenCare: Transforming Gardens, Transforming Lives

Are you ready to join us on a remarkable journey of compassion and transformation?
Dive into the heartwarming tale of DCA GreenCare, where we’ve turned a simple idea into a thriving social enterprise that’s changing lives one garden at a time!

Our Beginnings: A Call for Help
“Aster Housing said, ‘Can you help us?'” These words marked the birth of DCA GreenCare. Aster Housing had a problem: vulnerable tenants with health issues struggling to manage their overgrown gardens, and contractors who were simply nowhere to be found.
A Bold Response: We Stepped Up!
With unwavering determination, we responded, “Of course we can!” 
And thus, our extraordinary service was born, a service we now proudly offer to our local communities. 

Imagine the joy of receiving an unexpected act of kindness!
At DCA GreenCare, we believe in the power of giving.
That’s why every month, we send our incredible team to mow a lawn for free.
But here’s the twist: our team is part of the giving process too!
They nominate homes they feel are most in need of this free service, making it a truly community-driven effort.
Join DCA GreenCare today, and be a part of a movement that’s not only transforming gardens but also changing lives.
Together, we can make our communities greener, brighter, and more compassionate!

Why do people choose us? 

🛠Doing the Jobs No One Else Wants to Do: We tackle the tough tasks, transforming neglected gardens into lush havens.

💰 Reasonable Rates: Quality service doesn’t have to break the bank. We’re here to make garden care accessible to all.

🤝 Supporting Long-Term Unemployed: We believe in providing opportunities and helping individuals get back on their feet.

🔍 Background Checked Workers: Your peace of mind is paramount. Rest easy knowing our team has undergone thorough DBS checks.

💚 Giving Back: We’re not just a business; we’re a social enterprise. Every penny of profit goes right back into supporting our trainees.

🌈 The Gift of Giving: A Lawn Mowed for Free

Services provided:

• Grass cutting service
• Fence lines strimmed
• Borders and shrub beds maintained
• Path and hard standings weeded
• Hedge trimming
• Planting
• Larger scale garden clearance work e.g. Bramble and shrub clearance.
• Garden waste collection & disposal
• Wildlife friendly gardening advice
• Painting of timber fences and basic maintenance repairs

Current Limits to service –  we are currently not able to undertake:

  • Tree work, hedges over 2 metres in height
  • Spraying of herbicides or pesticides.
  • Removal of non-garden waste e.g. domestic, electrical, or hazardous waste.
  • Removal of dog waste.


Typical costs you can expect of a gardening service are:

  • Regularly monthly grass cutting, and small maintenance tasks = from £25
  • Small sized garden clearance = £80
  • Medium sized garden clearance = from £160
  • Large sized garden clearance – from £320

To help you manage your finances it makes sense to plan for regular small maintenance visits each year, then leave your garden to get overgrown and face a large single bill.

Green waste disposal is an additional cost due to the time taken to remove and transport the waste offsite, and for its processing. 

Typical costs are:

  • Soft green waste disposal e.g. grass clippings  = £16.50 to £33, depending on size of garden
  • Waste that requires processing at a commercial facility (e.g. woody shrubs, brambles, ivy etc.) = £78.50 plus £60 haulage, for larger gardens.  You can avoid these costs if you arrange for regular maintenance of trees and shrubs before they get overgrown.

Reasonable Rates

Quality service doesn't have to break the bank. We're here to make garden care accessible to all.

Giving Back

We're not just a business; we're a social enterprise. Every penny of profit goes right back into supporting our trainees.

Background Checked Workers

Your peace of mind is paramount. Rest easy knowing our team has undergone thorough DBS checks.


Yes, with sites in Weymouth, and Wimborne, we are well positioned to provide our services across central southern, and east Dorset.

No, for large scale clearance work e.g. brambles and shrubs, please note that once sites have been cleared that prevention of further regrowth will be needed to allow the garden to recover.  Bramble and other invasive weeds have extensive root systems which will need to be treated following clearance work.  We can recommend some natural methods to do this.

Yes, you can save money on disposal costs by  composting soft green waste in your own garden.  It’s good for your pocket – composting your kitchen and garden waste at home saves on car journeys to the household recycling centre, and provides you with your own versatile, valuable free resource.

Dorset Council is offering a black 220 litre compost converter bin for only £6. If you order a second one, it will be half price.  There is a delivery charge of £6.99 per order on top of this.



For more information or to arrange a visit for a no obligation quote please contact.
We are here to help.

Click here to email – lydia.harvey@dorsetcommunityaction.org.uk