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Who Moved My Cheese in Dorset – Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch

Free training with a free gift of Wi-Fi and tablet to keep!

Who Moved My Cheese7 is a bespoke programme, created out of the need to fill a specific gap in support, to a niche target group.                                                                                    

It is a remote, virtual program to help high-functioning, neurodiverse, post-graduate creatives, who are struggling to find employment since leaving university.

The programme offers a range personal development and 1- 2-1 Tutor Support focusing on dealing with change, Skillsmax will help you to establish where you are at, where you want to go and how to get there.

Through online workshops, Skillsmax will offer you guidance on accepting and responding to change, to improve personal lives and move closer to employability.

The sessions will focus on the book’s themes:

  • Change Happens – they keep moving the cheese
  • Anticipate Change – get ready for the cheese to move
  • Monitor Change – smell the cheese offer, so you know when it’s getting old
  • Adapt to Change Quickly – the quicker you let go of the old cheese, the sooner you can enjoy the new cheese
  • CHANGE – move with the cheese
  • Enjoy Change – savour the adventure and enjoy the taste of new cheese 7. Occupation/ Sector Focus – research, trends, regulations
  • Building an Action Plan – opportunities and the planned entry to work

The program starts in August and is designed to be supportive, encouraging and to build confidence in own performance and abilities. A weekly zoom session of 1-2-1 Tutor support over 6 weeks is offered

For more information, please contact Satjinder Heer- or 07900157577

Skillsmax is a not-for-profit organisation