We need your support in securing funding for 2021.

Dorset Council is undertaking an 8 week review of ALL grant funding.
Your action now will build a case for our ongoing success. 

Dorset Council started an 8 week review of ALL grant funding to Dorset’s VCSE organisations from 15th January 2020, following the 5th November 2019 Dorset Council Cabinet meeting.

It is of utmost importance to the sector that we gain your support through taking part in this survey.

Within the Cabinet paper we feel that the following points were not recognised:

  • The disproportionate impact of any funding cuts (the paper suggested 10% cuts) on small VCSE organisations already hit by year on year funding cuts during the last few years.
  • The leverage value of Council investments made in the VCSE sector, enabling external funding to be brought into Dorset e.g. BIG Lottery releasing tens of thousands of volunteer hour supporting our communities.

The survey asks the public to choose who they think should get funding.  For local VCSE support organisations such as DCA, we do not have an active public face as we focus the limited funding we do receive, on you our subscribers and the many other groups receiving our support.

You may well have already benefitted from our support or you may have taken part in:

  • DCA conferences
  • Networking events
  • Funding fairs
  • Training sessions
  • Telephone or face to face support

All of these services are currently subsidised by the Council’s grant to allow us to fully cover our running costs, whilst also offering valuable free services to you.  With the possibility of a further loss of Dorset Council funding, you would very likely lose some or all of these services, which is why we’re making this plea for your support to make our case for continuation of funding.

It is therefore imperative that you take a moment of your time to support us
by giving your thoughts on the survey by clicking the below link.

While the survey is mostly simple tick boxes we urge you to submit your written comments on Dorset Council’s proposals via the open text box on the survey.  This is because the Council is obliged to take all written comments into account within their review.

We would like to suggest that your response might include why funding is important to the support services you receive from DCA, and the impact on you, regarding the loss of this support. For example, you may have found that through our support and training, that your trustees are more effective, or that your staff or volunteers have become more informed and skilled at securing funding through our bid writing training.

We would also like to highlight that on starting the form there is a selection of options before entering, we estimate that the majority of those completing the form will be the second option of ‘someone involved’ unless you are an interested resident or someone directly in charge of the organisation’s finances. 

Should you feel that the content of this survey or any of the questions raised affect you
or your organisation directly then please contact us on
and we shall make sure that any concerns are addressed.

Please do share this message with your networks or social media contacts.

Thank you for your support.