Gerry Stoker is Centenary Research Professor at the University of Canberra, Australia and a Professor at the University of Southampton, UK. He has published over 25 books and over a hundred articles in journal and chapters in edited books. In 2001 he was designated  Economic and Social Research Council(UK) Hero of Dissemination;  in 2004 he received a  “Making A Difference” Award from the  UK Political Studies Association for impact of work on local governance ; and in 2006 he was given “Best Politics Book of the Year Award for Why Politics Matters by the UK Political Studies Association.  Professor Stoker has been invited to advise public officials and citizens in many parts of the world, including the UK and other members of the Council of Europe, South Africa, South Korea, Japan, China, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand. Gerry joined DCA as this is a period of big change for the third sector and civil society and he hopes to help think through some of the new choices and directions that will have to be taken.