Support Webinars during COVID-19

We’re setting up online Webinars to help provide support to you and your organisation, provide answers to some of your concerns and help us all stay connected and not become isolated over the coming months.

Please click here to read our guidance on our online meetings

The purpose of the online networking is to:

  • Share information and offer advice around a particular theme aimed at supporting Dorset’s voluntary and community sector. 
  • Facilitate discussion between groups to share experience, ideas, and knowledge for the benefit of all Dorset’s voluntary and community sector.
  • To answer as many queries and concerns as DCA is able and if not to use our network of national, regional and local professionals, advisors and experts to answer you concerns to the best of our ability.
  • To keep a log of the issues and concerns local voluntary and community groups are facing to feed up to Dorset Council, local statutory partners and government departments.
  • To keep and share a record of the networking to benefit others, who are unable to join the live discussion.

At the end of each session, DCA would like groups to;

  • Feel supported, not isolated and to know where they can go for advice.
  • Share their knowledge and experience for the benefit of others
  • Have the information and advice to help them continue to support their beneficiaries, volunteers and staff and manage their organisations during these difficult times.

Following each session;

  • DCA will make a live recording available via its website for all to access.
  • Research answers to any queries raised that could not be answered on the day and share via website, newsletter, at the next virtual network or email correspondence.
  • Circulate any factsheets, written statements, tools etc. to support groups over the coming months.

We shall be using an application called ZOOM for these online meetings – please click here to read our guidance on how to utilise this technology.

ZOOM Etiquette:
Please use the chat/messaging option to pose questions or comments initially.
If waiting to speak, please ensure the previous person has finished their sentence.
Using headphones is advised.
Don’t view the app in full window view.
Full reasoning behind these guidelines are in the guidance notes.