Support Webinars during COVID-19

Below you will find information on current and past webinars, networking and training. FAQs about our online service are at the end of the page.

Networking & Training:

All events we offer can be found through Eventbrite here.

Our freshly revised Trustee Breakfast Club is now up and running too.

**Our previous Safeguarding session for Village Halls and Community Spaces is still available on catch up, this session was free of charge to you as it was funded by ACRE, you can catch up here for a limited time.**

Don’t forget that members gain discounted entry on all training, membership is also free to organisations bringing in under £1000 per year! If you’d like to read more on our membership then click here.

Our sessions are only shared with those who register their interest and book their place via Eventbrite. We run sessions on the third Wednesday of each month and places can be booked by clicking here.

Support Webinars:

We now run support webinars on the first Wednesday of each month and places can be booked by clicking here.

You can sign up to gain notifications from Eventbrite as soon as they go live!

See all our support webinars below from newest right down to the oldest. Click on the green box to see the resources and video recording if you wish to catch up on each session.

Support Webinars are now sectioned into categories:

Use the drop downs to revisit and see past resources and recordings.
(This section is still being updated so please see the old format below for the time being.)

Click here for our full COVID-19 Support Updates page too.

Latest Government Updates Book your place
4th August 2021

Reopening Updates for Community Buildings and Village Halls
#38 – Held on 7th July 2021.

Latest Government Updates – Step 3
#37 – Held 9th June 2021.

Gov. Updates and Road Map to Reopening – Step 3
#36 – Held 19th May 2021.

Gov. Updates and Road Map to Reopening – Step 2
#35 – Held 14th April 2021.

Gov. Updates and The Road Map to Reopening
#34 – Held 3rd March 2021.

FAQs regarding our online offering:

Yes, you can see all our past webinar recordings, links and resources within the individual links above. 

We shall be using an application called ZOOM for these online meetings – please click here to read our guidance on how to utilise this technology.

ZOOM Etiquette:
Please use the chat/messaging option to pose questions or comments initially. 
If waiting to speak, please ensure the previous person has finished their sentence.
Using headphones is advised. 
Don’t view the app in full window view. 
Full reasoning behind these guidelines are in the guidance note

  • DCA will make a live recording
    available via its website for all to access.
  • Research answers to any queries
    raised that could not be answered on the day and share via website, newsletter,
    at the next virtual network or email correspondence.
  • Circulate any factsheets, written
    statements, tools etc. to support groups over the coming months.
  • Share information and offer advice around
    a particular theme aimed at supporting Dorset’s voluntary and community
  • Facilitate discussion between groups
    to share experience, ideas, and knowledge for the benefit of all Dorset’s
    voluntary and community sector.
  • To answer as many queries and
    concerns as DCA is able and if not to use our network of national, regional and
    local professionals, advisors and experts to answer you concerns to the best of
    our ability.
  • To keep a log of the issues and
    concerns local voluntary and community groups are facing to feed up to Dorset
    Council, local statutory partners and government departments.
  • To keep and share a record of the
    networking to benefit others, who are unable to join the live discussion.s.
  • Feel supported, not isolated and to
    know where they can go for advice.
  • Share their knowledge and experience
    for the benefit of others
  • Have the information and advice to
    help them continue to support their beneficiaries, volunteers and staff and manage
    their organisations during these difficult times.