Village Shops, Post Offices & Pubs

Thinking of setting up a community shop or pub? Need some new equipment to improve your service to customers? Want to hang on to your post office service? Trying to get more customers to use your shop? If so See an Advisor. We also recommend looking at Plunkett Foundation's website if you wish to find out more about community shops and pubs.

Rural & Community Transport

Want to find a community solution to public transport cut backs to your community?  Think you might benefit from seeing how other communities run their transport schemes?  Want to know how your scheme fits into the bigger picture?

If so, DCA can offer advice and support around setting up, developing and running your community transport project.  We have wide experience of supporting community transport initiatives to benefit all age ranges, and those who have disabilities or who are socially excluded.

To find details of transport schemes near you, you can view the most recent version of the Community Transport Directory here.

Community Assets & Buildings

Just become a committee member of a community hall?  Want to replace outdated fixtures and fittings?  Wondering how you will find alternative streams to cover your running costs?

If so, DCA can offer advice and support around improving or replacing community buildings, and making community assets work in more sustainable ways.   

This case study video references DCA’s support for Harman's Cross Village Hall in 2013. If your group needs help with any of the above then please click on 

See an advisor