Monthly Networking

Dorset Community Action helps organisations get together to share their experiences, challenges and successes. 
Join our free monthly networking sessions and gain more out of both DCA and your Community. 

At our free monthly sessions you can expect: 

  • News from the Floor, a chance to share your stories, asks and successes.
  • Latest news and advice from our Advisors.
  • An exclusive discount to the training being highlighted in line with our monthly theme.
  • Slides following the session as a quick reminder.

November’s Theme:

This month is all about Trustees. 

December’s Theme:

With Christmas on the way, look out for goodies and surprises for this month!

January’s Theme:

It’s #VillageHallsWeek2024, join us for an exciting start to the year!

February 2024:

Training & Development (plus an insight into Hallmark Accreditation)

March 2024


Previous Events – June’s Volunteer Fayre:

The event was a great success!! Thank you to the Volunteer Centre Dorset as this was a collaborative project and thank you to all those who particpiated to represent their organisations or visited as interested volunteers!

Read more about the big day in our E-News by clicking here.

Past Months:
July was all about showcasing and promotion.
August was time to reflect and recap.
September was all about Older Children and Young People, with an extra snippet from our own Vice-Chair, Chris Spackman on Engaging Young Trustees, we were also be joined by Nicki Payne introducing the new NCS project for Young People.
October was Funding! Keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming Funding Event!

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