DCA Membership & Benefits

As a valued Member, your Organisation will gain:

  • Discounts on all DCA Training (including the Academy), Networking, hosted Events and Organisational Health Checks
  • Our extra fortnightly Funding Bulletin, sent directly to the inbox of your nominated trustee/staff member
  • Exclusive access to our ‘Members Area’ with templates, factsheets and resources to support your Organisation
  • Discounted rates for all advertisements, event promotion and job adverts
  • Attendance and voting at our AGM and any EGM’s (not applicable for Associate Members)
  • Opportunities to take part in VCSE sector surveys, and “have your say” consultation activities

Free v Paid for Membership:

  • Standard Membership – £30 Annual Fee for VCSE organisations with an annual income of over £1000.
  • Free Membership – For those involved with VCSE organisations with an annual income of less than £1000.
  • Associate Membership – £30 Annual Fee for Statutory/Corporate,  non-VCSE Individuals or those out of the County of Dorset. Your organisation will still get the same great benefits as Standard Members with the exception of voting rights at our AGMs.

Already a Member?

Your community space with exclusive access, updated regularly with information, guides and downloads.
Divided into sections of; ACRE, Policy Documents and Your Community Space.

Dorset Community Action is a Member Based Organisation, and a member of ACRE, therefore we’re able to offer our Members heavily discounted rates on training, resources and more. As a charity we really need, but more importantly very much appreciate, donations to help us maintain our support across Dorset.
Your Membership and donations help support the many varied Organisations across all of Dorset’s communities, ensuring these important Groups remain legally compliant, stay resilient and sustainable for the future.