• RECEIVE PRACTICAL NEXT STEPS, advice and guidance from one of our Advisers to enable you to focus on what really matters for your organisation, through our FREE one hour health check;
  • KNOW WHERE TO START, make contacts, and resource your social enterprise ideas, through our Building Better Opportunities programme;

  • ACCESS OUR COMMUNITY ENTERPRISE EXPERTISE gained from supporting community centres, post offices, village shops, to play groups;

  • DEVELOP YOUR ENTERPRISE SKILLS from business planning, governance, legal structures, to creative funding and trading strategies, though our range of training courses; 

  • OPEN YOUR FUNDING HORIZONS to novel community driven funding for new start up projects, through our network of community entrepreneurs and associates with expertise ranging from crowd sourcing, to ‘soup’ financing models.

So, if you have a great idea for a community enterprise, then what are you waiting for?  To find out about our of enterprise support service, please click below

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