Last year we supported our groups to raise over £1,727,000.

  • Would you like to saving precious time when applying for funding?
  • Would you like to increase your chances of success?
  • Would you like to develop more sustainable income streams?

​If so, DCA’s Funding Advice services is here to support you with:

​STAYING AHEAD OF FUNDING TRENDS and last minute opportunities through our e bulletin;

MAKING BETTER USE OF YOUR LIMITED TIME, reduce the number of failed funding bids, and missed deadlines, by having our experienced advisers provide a third pair of eyes and help you identify where your gaps are;

AVOIDING MIS-INFORMATION such as selecting the wrong legal structure for charitable funding;

ENABLING YOU TO DISCUSS YOUR IDEAS directly with funders at our funding fairs and dragons’ dens events.  We know our funders and know what they are looking for.

​Fundraising skills training covers:

Getting fit for funding; Developing a funding strategy; Making your case for support; Finding the right funders; Preparing a winning application.

​Funding resources

  Fundfinder Tool In partnership with Dorset County Council we provide remote on-line access to the Fundfinder Tool.
Dorset Charitable Trusts If you are looking for local trusts, Dorset Community Foundation offers an on-line database.
Funding Central  Funding Central lists thousands of funding and finance opportunities and there's also a wealth of tools supporting you to develop a sustainable income strategy.