EUSS Project Update

EUSS Project to continue until September 2022

A message from Citizens Advice:
Thank you all for your continued support with the EU Settlement Scheme project.

During the last 2.5 years, we have assisted nearly 5,500 members of our community across Dorset to apply for Settled or Pre-Settled status.  This is a huge achievement. Despite the official deadline in June 2021, over the last 6 months we have assisted nearly 700 people to make late applications to the scheme. The need is still great, and we are pleased to let you know that the project will continue to be here until September 2022 to support more residents.

We are assisting with late applications; joining family member applications, and upgrades from pre-settled to settled status. We are also assisting with more complex needs, often centring around rights to work and access to housing and welfare, where residents do not understand how to use and prove their status, or are being asked for proof unnecessarily. Please do refer clients to us if they need specialist help with any of the above.

We are aware that there will be many people remaining across BCP and Dorset who have yet to apply to the scheme; they may be unaware that they needed to apply, or they may have complex situations which have prevented them from applying. These people may now be living outside of the immigration rules without their knowledge, and will require support in the near or distant future.

Please ask any client to contact us via these channels:

Phone our Caseworkers: 07761 092704