Development of Police Key Community Contact (KCC) network around Weymouth & Portland

Inspector Parr is looking to develop the Police Key Community Contact (KCC) network around Weymouth & Portland, and Weymouth Town Council is forwarding this message to its list of local community organisations in the hope that you interested in taking part.

Message from Inspector David Parr:

It is really important that the police engage with the community to gain a better understanding of the needs and issues impacting locally. KCC’s are people that lead or represent groups and communities and can assist the police to focus our work.

KCC can also:

  • Widen the consultation, we have with local people
  • Provide advice on policing issues
  • Give prompt information about significant changes in local tension and provide information on local issues
  • Discuss issues raised by KCC members
  • Provide a medium for the resolution of issues that arise within the community
  • Provide an opportunity for the community to influence how their area is policed

The role itself should not be too onerous. For example, once a quarter I review the Neighbourhood Policing Team’s main priorities. As part of this review, I consult with the KCC network to see what they feel the priorities should be. There may also be times when a KCC may wish to raise an issue on behalf of the community or group they represent.

I am particularly keen to include KCCs who can represent from seldom heard or diverse backgrounds, such as Disability & Health, LGBTQ+, Religious & Belief, Older/Younger people, BAME including Asylum Seekers & Refugee Groups , Rural Community, Marine Community and many more.

If anyone if interested in becoming a Police KCC, please contact could they contact me directly on email at:

Thank you

Weymouth & Portland Neighbourhood Policing Weymouth Police Station, Radipole Lane, DT4 9WW