Held on Wednesday 7th October 2020

Topics will include:

  • Update on Government Guidance
  • Chris Spackman will talk about setting up the Sturminster Newton Economic Development Society, a Community Benefit Society and the work it has undertaken to support economic development.
  • Bob Foster from the Swanage Development Trust will share how the development trust supports emerging community groups to the benefit of the local community.  
  • And the usual Funding update.

Useful Links:

Link to Recording on Youtube – Click here to view.
Powerpoint of the ‘Updates Round Up’ – Click here to view.
Useful link from the Third Sector – Click here (bullet pointed information below).

  • Charity mergers across the sector rose by nearly a third during the first three months after lockdown, Charity Commission figures indicate. 
  • Two Age UK charities in Sussex noted that “the impact of coronavirus on income across the charity sector emphasises how important it is for charities to work together to reduce overheads”. 
  • austerity in the 2010s didn’t lead to the predicted increase in mergers in the charity sector, many reasons why charities did not consider merger an option, including concerns about autonomy, fear of reputational damage, and job security.
  • Charities will always have the option to shrink and serve fewer people, but the onus is clearly on charity trustees and management to think proactively about whether this is really enough, or if they could instead make more of a long-term difference by joining forces with a complementary organisation
  • The most transformative mergers are always those with a clear strategic rationale, not those carried out as a last-minute rescue
  • the risks posed by Covid-19 and the potential benefits of consolidation should mean that at least considering merger must be a vital part of every charity’s governance toolkit.

Following our webinar on 16th September about different models of collaboration, DCA is pleased to be joined by Bob Foster from the Swanage Development Trust and Chris Spackman from the Sturminster Newton Economic Development Society to provide some practical local examples of collaboration that support local communities. As always we will review the latest Government Guidance and reflect on whether there are any impacts for our sector from the new advice and provide a round-up of the available funding opportunities.