Held on Wednesday 15th July 2020

Safeguarding involves keeping children and vulnerable adults safe from abuse and maltreatment, ensuring that they have the best outcomes and are provided with safe and effective care, and that they are able to grow and develop happily and healthily without the risk of abuse or neglect. It is up to us to protect our nearest and dearest and those who are more vulnerable in our community. 

In this Webinar we shall discuss:

We are going to look at why we as community groups, charities and volunteers need to know what to do in prevention and reporting.
Is it a legal requirement to have safeguarding training?
If we haven’t got up to date safeguarding policies and procedures, will it affect us getting funding?
Policies and Procedures
How Covid 19 has changed safeguarding.
Links for further information

Useful Resources:

Webinar Recording – Link to unlisted video on Youtube
Presentation Slides – Click to view
Link to DCA Funding Page
Link to PDF download of Funding mentioned within Webinar
Link to Webinar Chat

Example Documents & Policies mentioned within the Webinar, and stated below, have now been moved to the Members Only area, should you wish to read more about joining as a Member and the benefits to your organisation please click here.

  • Child Protection Procedures and Guidelines
  • Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Procedures and Guidelines
  • Policy – Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults
  • Policy – Safeguarding Children & Young People

Please Note: It could also be also be beneficial to revisit our previous webinar for Village Halls and Community Spaces on reopening safely – Click here to view.