Held on the 6th May 2020

Topics covered:
– Resilience
– 5 Ways to Wellbeing
– Stress Management
– Supporting your Staff and Volunteers
We will also be joined by Expert Guest Stevie McCormick from Live Well Dorset and Elizabeth Hodgson from Groundwork.


Webinar RecordingClick here for Link – Via Youtube (Please note – This is an ‘unlisted’ video for your privacy, unlisted means it will be just as private as our previous uploads due to only being able to be viewed by those with the direct link. It is not open to, or able to be found by, those just browsing Youtube. )
Edited Chat & Questions Answered – Coming Soon

DCA Presentation Slides – Click here.
LiveWell Dorset Presentation Slides (Including Wellbeing Information) – Coming Soon
GroundWork Presentation Slides (Including Grant Information) – Click Here.

Useful Links:

From Paula’s Presentation:
1. https://www.dpt.nhs.uk/mindful-employer – Website with resources to support staff/volunteers experiencing stress/mental health issues.
2. https://campaigns.hse.gov.uk/go-home-healthy/work-related-stress/ – Toolkit to manage stress at work
3. https://www.hse.gov.uk/stress/mcit.htm  – Manager competencies to support staff/volunteers with stress
4. https://www.hse.gov.uk/stress/standards/ – Health & Safety standards for managing stress at work
5. https://www.acas.org.uk/health-and-wellbeing – ACAS support with stress & wellbeing

Other Resources: