Join us for our monthly Networking sessions!
These are your networking events – Your opportunity to meet other groups and organisations
and have a catch-up. We have ‘news from the floor’ where you can share your experiences and ideas with
other groups and organisations, as well as regular Guest Speakers.
DCA Advisors will also be on hand to offer support and advice. (Previous session information is also below.)

Upcoming Sessions:

16th March
We shall also be joined by: YFW Blood Bikes. 


16th February 2022
We shall also be joined by: The Membership and Development Committee (MDC) at Dorset County Hospital is a sub group of the Council of Governors whose purpose is to address the requirement of the Foundation Trust to develop its membership. This includes increasing the number of members, improving engagement and ensuring that the membership is representative of the population that the Trust serves. There are two types of membership – staff, who are automatically members, and public. Membership is an expression of public support for the Trust. All members receive regular information and updates about what is going on and can get involved in shaping the future direction on the Trust through consultation exercises and surveys. They are able to vote for Governors or stand for election to the Council of Governors themselves.
The MDC is currently working to a 5 year strategy which links to the Trust’s Annual and Strategic Plans. This includes identifying ways of engaging with the membership, supporting Governors in their membership engagement, reviewing and updating the membership welcome pack and providing input to the membership newsletter. Engagement with members has obviously been restricted during the past couple of years and we are looking for new, innovative ways to do this as we go forward. We are particularly keen to reach out to local groups and forge new relationships across the community.
Click here to open and download Guest Presentation Slides.