Well, apart from enhancing your skillset, gaining experience and the opportunity to meet like-minded people it’s the knowledge that you are ‘making a difference’.  The VCSE sector is all about working to improve community lives and filling in the (ever-widening) gap in society that the government doesn’t meet. The VCSE sector in Dorset encompasses an incredibly varied range including everything from the group of people trying to fund a local youth centre; the village hall running a loneliness support group for older people right through to the social enterprise that uses horse therapy to help people with emotional difficulties and many many more in between.

Charity trustees are essential to ensure that charities are governed properly and achieve what they set out to do. A good range of Trustees of different ages, backgrounds and specialisms is important for a balanced perspective.

If being a Trustee is something you’ve wondered about doing or you’re a Trustee already but you’re worried you don’t have the right skills or training Dorset Community Action can help. We offer information, training and support from our specialist team of Community Advisors. We also run a Trustee Club where Trustees can get together and share questions and knowledge.

We currently have two upcoming Training courses being run in conjunction with the Volunteer Centre Dorset.

Trustee Training - Recruiting The Right Trustees - 12th March 2019

 Trustee Training - Being Effective and Compliant - 27th March 2019

If you want to get some information sheets or support for being a Trustee for your group or charity then please go to our Contact an Advisor form.

To find out about Trustee Opportunities or to register as a volunteer go to the Volunteer Centre Dorset.

Further information

The Charity Commission -The essential trustee: what you need to know, what you need to do.