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The Digital Training Academy for Community Groups, Charities and Social Businesses – Built by the voluntary sector, for the voluntary sector.

The information you need, when you need it at competitive rates.  

Created by Dorset Community Action, our Training Academy combines pre-recorded talks with live online interactive workshops and networking. It contains a variety of free and premium training modules covering a wide range of different subjects, from short “top tips” to longer conversations with experts to recordings, all accessible at a time that suits you.

All resources and templates are included with the modules. 
We appreciate that everyone’s knowledge is different so have created the Academy so you can choose your required level from beginner to expert.


  • Access your resources when it suits you
  • Only pay for the training you need
  • Led by our In House Expert Team
  • Profits Reinvested back into the Community

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6 Modules : 11 Strands to choose from

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  • Plans and Planning: takes you on a journey from making initial action lists to strategic planning
  • Creating a Business Plan: a step by step guide to creating a business plan with links to all the resources you need.

  • Financial Systems: building up your money management systems as your organisation grows.
  • Income Generation: from the basic level of raising resources to contracts and competitive bidding.

This module is kindly supported by
Church House Investments.

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We’ve created a handy HOW TO guide, Thinkific is quite an intuitive system and we’re sure you’ll be able to find your way round although you may find this handy to see too. (The direct link to our Academy infographic is available by clicking here.)
Should you have any feedback on any of the sections or information then please do get in touch as this is a growing system and relies us understanding your needs, you can contact us via academy@dorsetcommunityaction.org.uk

We require learners to sign up and create a free account through Thinkific, to do so you can click on this link. 

Networking Information can be found here
The sessions are booked through the academy so that your place is registered on our systems.

Thinkific is an online platform that allows it’s customers to create learning modules and bespoke courses. We are using this platform as the medium for our Academy, it allows all our tools and resources to be in one place and for you as a learner to have easy access to our learning materials as you move through the courses. 

"I found our meeting very thought provoking and informative, if only I had spoken to you 2 years earlier."
Jude Baker
Friends of Broadmayne School


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Dorset Community Action is a Member Based Organisation, and a member of ACRE, therefore we’re able to offer our Members heavily discounted rates on training, resources and more.
As a charity we really need, but more importantly very much appreciate, donations to help us maintain our support across Dorset.
Your donations help support the many varied Organisations across all of Dorset’s communities, ensuring these important Groups remain legally compliant, stay resilient and sustainable for the future.