Inspiring Stories - Tori's Tigers

Story of Tori's Tigers, a community business set up by lone parent Tori, with the support of Inspire Dorset - a Building Better Opportunities programme.Read more

Annual report and accounts – DCA 2016/17

Our 2016/17 annual report and accounts, highlighting our work in: VCSE Navigators, British Gas energy Trust, DCC Youth Centre Transfers, Community led Economic Development, and Rural services.Read more


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Room availability @ CLaRC, please ring 01202 847600 for any enquiries

Click here to see availability of all the rooms @ CLaRC, please ring 01202 847600 for any enquiriesRead more

Saving Energy and Keeping Warm

DCA provides advice to individuals, communities and voluntary groups through projects designed to help vulnerable people get the right information and to understand their options.Read more

Building Better Opportunities (BBO)

We have been successful in securing funding from the BIG Lottery’s Building Better Opportunities programme (Supporting Enterprise).  The programme will be funded by the European Social Fund and National Lottery through the Big Lottery Fund.Read more

Become a member

Become a member today and you'll receive our latest news and information, as well as many other benefits. All you have to do to join is choose the right membership package for you or your organisation and JOIN TODAY. DCA offers various levels of membership - Standard, Premium and Associate.Read more

Free advice and support

Do you have an idea for a new community project and need help setting up? Are you an existing organisation and find it difficult to get funding? We offer free 1:1 organisational health checks to help you prioritise what support you need.Read more

Use our consultancy skills

We can also offer free support to apply for funding that can purchase consultancy you need to become investment ready. Book to “see an advisor” today and find out how you can have what you need, when you need it at a price that will suit the finances of your group.Read more

Event hosting

Planning an event in Dorset?  Want to add Charity Fundraising to your event?  Want to promote your event to the VCSE sector? DCA can help you with your event.Read more

Privacy Policy

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Dorset Communities Forum - Vision Statement

Dorset Community Forum’s shared vision for Dorset’s VCSE sector and its role in redesigning public services, covering: Our relationship with statutory sector; Local Government Review (LGR); Living & Learning Centres; Local Economic Development; Health & Social Care; A longer term investment model.Read more

A Vision for the Voluntary Sector - DCA Conference Report 2016

Our 2016 Conference report, held in conjunction with Dorset Communities Forum, looking at the current issues and the future for Dorset’s voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations, working with the Statutory Sector, a whole system approach to health and social care, and preparing for local government review and unitary council status.Read more

Working Together for a Stronger Civil Society - DCA Conference Report 2017

Our 2017 Conference report, starting a new conversation led by Professor Gerry Stoker and Dan Corry from New Philanthropy Capital (NPC), on the future of Dorset’s Civil Society, to re-orientate our attitude to, and policies towards, the third sector, putting civil society at the centre of our thinking to help address many of the things that people find disempowering and alienating in modern economies and society.Read more

Dorset's Voluntary Sector on a knife-edge - DCA Conference Report 2015

Our 2015 Conference report, that argues that now is the time for us to re-define our relationship with DCC, and also other statutory sector organisations with recommendations ranging from implementing a simple VCSE sector’s impact and value measure, starting a new commissioning conversation and common outcomes framework with DCC, and working with DCC to develop a simple procurement process.Read more

Valuing Dorset's VCSE Sector Report 2014

This invaluable report is based on an autumn 2013 survey undertaken by Dorset’s Three Councils for Voluntary Service, to establish a picture of Dorset’s voluntary and community sector’s role in economic development, and in delivering training services to socially excluded groups.Read more

Communities Living Sustainably (CLS)

Communities Living Sustainably (CLS) in Dorset is a partnership project led by Dorset Community Action. ​ We have been working in the Bridport and Dorchester areas to help communities and businesses adapt to the local effects of climate change and reduce our impact on the environment.Read more

Parish & Neighbourhood Plans

Neighbourhood planning is a new way for communities to have a say on the future of the places where they live and work. This initiative came into effect in April 2012.Read more

Community & Local Area Partnerships

DCA has an established track record of supporting Dorset’s community partnerships, providing coordinating roles for two of the five West Dorset Partnership's Local Area Partnerships, Sherborne Area Partnership (SAP) and Beaminster and Villages Local Area Partnership (BAVLAP). We can support your community partnership, town, or parish council in a number of ways.Read more

Health and wellbeing

Our Whole System Approach: DCA is working both at a patient and system level to support integration of the VCSE sector into redesign of Dorset's health & social care system, including promoting community engagement in the CCG’s Clinical Services Review (CSR), and development of new commissioning opportunities for VCSE organisation.Read more

Rural services and economy

DCA works to protect rural services and assist in the development of the rural economy through finding local solutions to maintaining and making better use of valuable services, such as community buildings, village pubs, post offices, broadband and affordable housing.Read more