The Randall Room

Newly available room, suitable for seating 20 people in theatre style or 12 people in cabaret style for informal meetings. This room offers high level windows and is fully carpeted. Read more

The Allen Room

This is our smallest room, fully carpeted and seating 20 people theatre style and 12 people boardroom. This room is our most popular for small meetings and hourly rate bookings. Read more

The Borough Room

Fully carpeted, this room is similar in size to the Stour Room (seating up to 30 people theatre style or 20 people boardroom style) but has lower level windows. Read more

The Stour Room

With large, high-level windows and fully carpeted, this room can seat up to 30 people theatre style or 20 people boardroom style. Read more

The Walford Room

With a hard floor this room lends itself to Arts & Crafts but is frequently used for dance lessons and toddler groups. Activity space for 16 people. Read more

The Minster Room

The largest of our five rooms seating up to 90 people theatre style. Our most popular layouts are Team for 48 or U shaped for 24 people. Read more