It's Nutrition and Hydration Week (12th to 18th March) which 'aims to highlight, promote and celebrate improvements in the provision of nutrition and hydration locally, nationally and globally'.

We're all told by the media and health professionals how important it is to eat and drink healthily for optimum health and well-being. However, there can be some barriers that mean people might not be able to access good nutrition and hydration. These can include debt / low income, isolation, as well as lack of confidence or education about food. There are a number of resources and community schemes in Dorset such as foodbanks and lunchclubs that can help people overcome these barriers. The Friendly Food Club is one such scheme, running fun family cooking workshops to tackle school holiday hunger and poor nutrition.

The Friendly Food Club is tackling school holiday hunger and poor nutrition with it's Free school holiday family cookery workshops for Dorset families.

We know that a great number of parents skip meals altogether so that they can feed their kids and this is much worse during school holidays, when the pressure increases on local food banks as they lose their free school meals.

The Friendly Food Club’s informal and fun cookery workshops get families cooking, eating, sharing and talking together. Families learn to cook simple, tasty and nutritious meals made with cheap, healthy ingredients, taking recipes and ingredients home to make other dishes together. 

The workshops help to highlight just how much family mealtimes matter and how learning to cook simple but tasty meals can lead to a child’s healthy growth and development. 

The current workshops are funded by Santander.

For more information, contact;

Tony Gibbons 01308 868700 

[email protected]  or [email protected]

Lunchclubs can be a great way to find out more, Dorset For You includes eating opportunities, meal deliveries, food banks and shopping assistance. The link to the site is here -

My Life My Care, contains information from across Dorset, including lunch clubs and meal delivery companies and eating for good.

The Citizen's Advice website has lots of support and advice for people with debt problems. 

There is also some information on the Nutritional Care Strategy and Malnutrition Programme Resources