LiveWell Dorset has flourished over the past three years as Public Health Dorset have partnered with Optum to pioneer this essential service. More than 17,000 Dorset residents have accessed LiveWell Dorset to receive advice and coaching; to meet recommended guidelines for physical activity and alcohol intake; to stop smoking and to maintain a healthy weight. Having turned Public Health Dorset’s vision into reality, Optum are passing back a vibrant, dynamic and effective service. Follow-up data indicates that:

  • 59% of those supported reduced their weight
  • 69% of those supported increased their activity
  • 48% of those supported stopped smoking
  • 75% of those supported reduced their alcohol intake

LiveWell Dorset has also delivered more than 120 behaviour change training sessions to workforces and services. It demonstrates a return on investment to the public of £6.81 for every £1 spent, and is reaching our most deprived communities.

'LiveWell Dorset has cost me money' wrote Owen on Facebook:

'Last summer I had my diabetic check-up. My sugar levels were sky-high, I was obese and I had a warning about my sight from my retinopathy screening. The Diabetic Nurse at my GP said that I would have to have injections for my diabetes and gave me a card with LiveWell Dorset’s contact details on it. I asked the nurse to give me a couple of months and phoned the number on the card. As a result, I received three months’ funding for Weight Watchers.

After two months, the Diabetic Nurse was gobsmacked at my weight loss and blood test results. My sugar levels are now where they should be, I have lost three stone and my last retinopathy test was normal. I exercise every day and I’m fitter and smaller. The reason LiveWell Dorset has cost me money is that my clothes are too big and I have had to buy new ones. My life has been transformed in the last six months … I am so grateful for the helping hand that I got from my Diabetic Nurse, Weight Watchers and LiveWell Dorset. Thank you!’

Stuart Burley of Public Health Dorset says: “LiveWell Dorset is at the vanguard of delivering health and wellbeing change at scale. Bringing it under the umbrella of Public Health Dorset enables us to realise our high aspirations for this life-changing service. Investing in prevention is crucial for the sustainability of our local health and care services”.

Anne Sharpe of Optum says: “Optum have been delighted to work with Public Health Dorset on building LiveWell Dorset into a vibrant and successful service. We wish the team all the best and are confident they will continue to build on the strong foundations built over the past three years”.

Emma Rossi of LiveWell Dorset says: “We’re moving into this new season with great momentum thanks to our strong foundations. I’m thankful to Optum, and excited to be working with Public Health Dorset as we guide Dorset into greater health and wellbeing”.

A Catalyst for Change

LiveWell Dorset is primed for growth and expansion as it supports even more people to take control of their own health and wellbeing. Over the coming weeks we will introduce a new digital offering, starting with today’s launch of our new website. It will aid health and care professionals, as they signpost the public to Dorset’s single point of access health and wellbeing service. The website contains innovative tools ready to support and guide sustained lifestyle change, including the Activity Finder and Habit Hacker. More features will be released in the coming weeks with the focus on delivering personalised, long-term behavioural change support.