From Dorset Councils Partnership:

In September-November this year, Dorset Councils Partnership will be hosting various learning opportunities under the umbrella of the Digital Academy. We would like to extend this learning and development opportunity to community & voluntary sector colleagues. We believe this will help to boost digital skills and confidence, and it will be a fantastic opportunity for the multi agencies to spend time learning with each other.


We have been working closely with our Human Resources team to develop a package of learning called the Digital Academy. This focuses on the following areas:


·         Introduction to Digital

·         Developing a Creative Mindset

·         Agile Project Management

·         Process Redesign

·         Online Marketing + Engagement

·         User Experience + Accessibility

·         Coding


The learning opportunities will take place at South Walks House, Dorchester. You can read more about the content of each session, who they will be delivered by, and how you can register your interest via the PDF attached.


Some of the modules might be more suitable to the needs of paid staff. Registration is via the links for each course.  If you have queries about this please contact [email protected]