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Changing the Membership Scheme

All the details here are proposals. We are seeking your views as existing members, potential members and supporters of DCA.

We are hoping to launch a new membership scheme in the New Year with the aim of starting the scheme at the beginning of April 2012 (lining it up with our financial year makes all kinds of accounting much easier).

DCA needs to increase its income from a variety of sources to ensure that we are financially sustainable and can continue to deliver great services across Dorset. We are already charging for some of our services such as bespoke training and consultancy work.

We propose to create a new membership scheme that brings in new money, gives our members great support and helps them to show how much they value the work we do. We support over 200 voluntary and community groups each year in a huge variety of ways and we get great feedback from you about how helpful and valuable our services are.

The membership scheme will not affect how we deliver our other services, and many of them will remain free.
Please take the time to look at the information here and make comments on how we can make this work for you.